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Welcome to the world of Euro Data Cube, a comprehensive and unique source of Earth Observation data, in-situ data and derived value-added information at your fingertips. We are pleased to present the latest introduction video that reveals more about this exclusive platform. Visit also the dedicated Euro Data Cube publication, where you can find blog posts on various related topics.

Euro Data Cube (EDC) is revolutionizing the way we access and work with Earth Observation (EO) data, unlocking the power of information unveiled by satellite missions. Thanks to the cloud-native approach, petabyte-scale global archives are instantly accessible in a variety of ways, with no need for large downloads or advanced IT infrastructure to run your algorithm. A dedicated marketplace is offering you value-added information and services, which are ready to be used within the platform. To further learn about the platform, watch the new EDC introduction video, that goes into more details.

As mentioned in the video, this brand-new environment is built to complement EO data archives and ICT resource platforms, like Copernicus DIAS and Amazon Web Services. EDC was conceived with open architecture, relying on adopted OGC standards and EO Toolboxes, to maximize services interoperability, allowing users to easily utilize their own data and algorithms. More about harnessing the power of Sentinel Hub, xcube, EOxHub, GeoDB, etc. from the EDC platform, is described in one of our Medium blog posts.

The EDC publication includes also several tutorials on monitoring the impacts of the pandemic, using satellite data and a free open tool, resulting from the joint cooperation between the European Space Agency and the European Commission.

See the related Jupyter Notebooks on the EDC Marketplace, such as the Covid-19 Lockdown and Pollution (NO2), the AOT anomaly analysis during Covid-19 measures and a Covid-19 Custom Script Contest winning Truck detection script. There are no limits to what you can do! This Notebook demonstrates large scale machine learning, using batch processing and eo-learn. You can now access IACS data for several EU member states, as well as the recently added Copernicus Services data. If you're a developer, you'll be happy to know that the EDC backend services are now available for developers to use in their own applications, with the EDC Developer Sandbox app.

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