Successful Delivery of EO VAS Project

Successfuly Delivered EO VAS Project

The results for the Earth Observation Value Adding Services (EO VAS) were successfully delivered. The project fulfilled its goals in reshaping Earth Observation (EO) Value Chain by significantly simplifying development and delivery of EO Added Value Services. EO VAS is built around Sinergise’s Copernicus Masters 2016 Award-winning Sentinel Hub – an engine for archiving, processing and distribution of satellite data, and GeoVille’s extensive set of processing algorithm.

The goal of the project was to make the EO VAS get recognizability not just among the EO and remote sensing experts, but also among wider audience. By fully achieving its objectives and delivering exceptional results with significant immediate or potential impact, EO VAS has opened the doors to those in search of new business opportunities based on the satellite imagery.

Project’s innovation hub fosters development of EO services, becoming a virtual meeting place for the exchange of new ideas and encouraging EO VAS experimenting. It presents a virtual business incubator for emerging EO oriented start-ups, that lack the means to commercialize their EO services by themselves.

Free and open access to data is stimulating the emergence of new user communities, that previously did not use EO services, because they are too expensive, or too complex or they were not able to generate the required added value.

Although, this represents the end of the 24-months long project, it also means the beginning of new possibilities for the Earth Observation (EO) value chain and it will continue delivering the added value through the Sentinel Hub services.

See the official EO VAS web page for details.

The EO VAS project has received funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement 755899.