European Space Expo in Ljubljana

space expo

Sinergise actively participated in the European Space Expo, that visited Ljubljana from 6 - 15 March 2015 (Kongresni trg).

The Expo presented key information on the European space programmes - from satellite navigation (Galileo and EGNOS) to Earth observation (Copernicus) in an engaging and entertaining way. Highlights include the 'OmniGlobe' - an interactive hologram of the earth's atmosphere, an impressive model of the 'Galileo' satellite and lots more...

The aim of the Expo is to show citizens how European space policy and space-based technologies benefit our everyday lives on earth and also of course, their importance for the European economy and job creation.

Grega Milčinski gave a lecture entitled »How Copernicus will benefit farmers«. The lecture examined the use of GIS systems in agriculture and how can web-based farm management system assist farmers and land managers in achieving “best practice” agricultural outcomes.

Bellow you can see short video that we presented at the Expo.