18 Jul 16
ow water levels of Lake Oroville, US, 26th of January 2016, served via WMS in QGIS

Amazon Web Services blog features Sentinel Hub and its ways to optimize costs of processing of satellite imagery. Read the interview with Grega Milčinski on how to tackle big data produced by earth observation satellites

 30 May 16
Planet Labs
We are proud to announce that Sinergise has become a re-seller of Planet Labs imagery - both RapidEye and Planet Scope.

We will immediately start working to bring these new capabilities to the Sentinel Hub platform, where it will be easily accessible for you.

 11 May 16

We are presenting Sentinel Hub on the 2016 European Space Agency Living Planet Symposium on 9–13 May in Prague, Czech Republic. Find us at EO Open Science Section

 18 Apr 16
Sentinel Hub under spotlight

In April and May 2016 Sinergise is presenting Sentinel Hub at several events. The first are Horizon 2020 Space Information Days 2016 on 19–20 April in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Sinergise is presenting its experience on "Practical aspects of making access to Copernicus Sentinel satellite data with example of Slovenia".

 04 Apr 16
space apps

Sinergise is supporting NASA Space Apps Challenge by providing mentors and Sentinel-2 based distribution services (Sentinel Hub), which make it super easy to create web and smartphone applications based on Earth Observation data. Come and participate at the challenge, registration for Space Apps is open.

 09 Mar 16

One of our first land administration systems is running for 5 years and has proved to be a success.

 26 Feb 16

“Is the Slovenian system of sufficient quality to serve as the basis for computing accurate and defensible market value estimates for multi-agency use?”
The answer to the question is “yes, it is an excellent system, with elaboration”.

 10 Feb 16
Sentinel data available through web

After 3 months of hard work we have managed to organised and process full Sentinel-2 archive and make it available for anyone to see.


 02 Nov 15

Let us show you how you can manage your farm records and tasks using our simple, powerful farm management software.

 23 Sep 15

Sinergise will participate in an innovative Earth Observation (EO) scientific exploitation programme – referred as Earth Observation Open Science 2.0, which will be prepared by The European Space Agency (ESA) to maximize the scientific benefits of Earth Observation (EO) data by capitalizing on the digital revolution.