Razvoj ključnih registrov pri upravljanju zemljišč v regiji UNECE

Sinergise sodeluje na delavnici z naslovom "Razvoj ključnih registrov pri upravljanju zemljišč v regiji UNECE", ki se bo odvijala od 29. do 30. oktobra 2015 v Azerbajdžanu (Baku).

Delavnico bodo gostili: organizacija UNECE (Delovna skupina za upravljanje zemljišč), Organizacija za prehrano in kmetijstvo ZN (UN FAO) in državni odbor za nepremičnine Republike Azerbajdžan (SCPI).

Development of key registers in land administration - workshop

Sinergise is participating in the "Development of key registers in land administration in the UNECE region" workshop, which will take place on the 29 - 30 October 2015 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The workshop will be hosted by the UNECE Working Party on Land Administration (WPLA), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO) and the State Committee on Property Issues of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SCPI).

Sinergise se širi

Sinergise ekipa se hitro širi, zato smo glavne pisarne podjetja preselili na novo, večjo in bolj udobno lokacijo, kjer bomo nadaljevali v novem razburljivem obdoju.

Sinergise is growing

Sinergise is growing rapidly so to support this growth the headquarter office has moved to a more suitable location: bigger, better and more convenient for this new and exciting period we are starting now.

We spent the last years in Technology park Ljubljana and served us well (we made great memories) but we need more space and some kind of independence. At the Cvetkova 29 Ljubljana, we have found a location that fits our ambitions.

Sinergise launches Geopedia World

Sinergise launches Geopedia World!

Geopedia World is a new version of Geopedia, a web based application for searching, viewing, and editing of geographical data available to many clients at the same time. It offers worldwide coverage, hence World in its name. Sinergise invites you to have a look, no plugins are required, it simply runs in your browser! Click the Geopedia link at the top right of this window to go there.


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