Our mission is to ensure the most effective use of geospatial data for the benefit of society. We can accomplish this by bringing together great individuals who believe in what they do.

We believe that great teams are built on common goals, vision and shared values.


  • Customer centric: We strive to earn and keep our customer’s trust. We don’t develop technical solutions, we solve customer problems. We believe that deep domain knowledge is absolutely necessary to understand our customers and find the best solutions for their problems.
  • Effectiveness:We care about working on the right things at the right time, not doing more than needed, and not duplicating work. This enables us to achieve more progress which makes our work more fulfilling. We care about the outcomes we achieve, not the work hours we put in.
  • Simplicity: We value solutions that contain no more complexity than needed. We use the most simple and boring solution for a problem. Simple solutions should be easy to understand and maintain. We can always make it more complex later if needed. But, simple isn't easy and quick and dirty is never simple!
  • Responsibility: There are companies where people walk by trash on the floor in the office, leaving it for someone else to pick up, and there are companies where people lean down to pick up the trash they see, as they would at home. We try hard to be a company where everyone feels a sense of responsibility to do the right thing to help others at every juncture. Picking up the trash is the metaphor for taking care of problems, small and large, as you see them, and never thinking “that’s not my job.” We don’t have rules about picking up the real or metaphoric trash. We try to create the sense of ownership, responsibility and initiative so that this behaviour comes naturally.
  • Transparency: We strive to be open about as many things as possible. We believe that information should be shared openly, broadly, and deliberately.
  • Work-life balance: We are fully aware that excessive work is not sustainable. We strive for long-term cooperation with individuals, building a successful business with everyone working normal working hours. We try to be flexible with how people distribute their day between work and personal things.


Our Operational Handbook is a living entity and a result of the effort to document some of our core processes. The purpose of the Handbook is not to cement these processes but rather to serve as a foundation for continuous improvement.

Guiding principles
When thinking about Sinergise's internal organization the following principles are applied:

  • People: The company is full of interesting people and one can learn a lot from them. High standard of interpersonal relationship and communication are maintained. Things are told out loud and directly, strange/fishy communication is avoided and discouraged.
  • Disagreement: It is encouraged and appreciated that personal opinions and disagreement are shared openly. Even the owners are open and public with their disagreements among them, which forces them to consider various aspects before making decisions and protects company from any personal interests.
  • Freedom and Trust: People appreciate the freedom to organize their time and work. They accept the responsibility that comes with it and the fact that they are trusted that they would do their best.
  • Accessibility: The management and senior staff are accessible. If someone has a problem, they can go straight to them and they would take the problems seriously and try to help.
  • Safety: Problems and mistakes can be openly discussed. Pointing fingers is avoided. Even when someone does something wrong, the whole context of mistake and intentions are also considered.
  • Stability: Sinergise is a financially stable and successful company.