Land Cadastre

Land Cadastre is an application that aims to produce a complete cadastre of all private and state owned land. Main feature is vector based intelligence with capability for upgrading. Our goal is to make cadastre a multi-purpose cadastre.

Cadastre placed all located LS plans (and linked deeds) into a geographic context in the new projection. It has full topological relations to neighbours and abutments.

Cadastre potential

  • Searching through deeds and maps
  • Each property gets PIN plus gets provisional PINs for any planned distraction, sub-division or mutation
  • View and map of your property (new projection, compatible with GPS and other modern methods)
  • accurate geographic location with links to reference points including fixed, coordinated densified network of control points
  • Options to upgrade cadastre
  • Accurate description of points, lines and polygons (provenance, precision, method of collection, coordinates)
  • Upgradable digital cadastral database (index map) to a fully coordinated cadastre that can be linked with every little deeds and property transaction

Check out two movies of Land Cadastre: Quick Overview and Orthorectification.

Quick Overview