Giselle is a framework that enables users to manage polygons of the underlying map as well as add other graphical elements such as text, points and lines with an applet from within a browser.

Giselle is a pure web-based topology editor that offers GIS functionalities for distributed systems with hundreds of users - it often occurs that a large amountof spatial data has to be produced in a relatively short time, demanding simultaneous digitizing of geographic objects by a large number of users. With Giselle you can easily solve that kind of problem!

The system is user-friendly for digitizing and managing the data, easily available, reliable, safe, and has a low total cost of ownership.

Giselle tool can be used for:

  • Presentation of spatial data
  • Spatial data analyses
  • Topology editor

Key features:

  • HTML-based editor (PublicEditor) for the widest usage (public editor, Consumer-to-Government, etc.),
  • JAVA-based editor (DistriDigitizer) – data capture with real-time remote control of the editing process,
  • ImageMaster – our own optimized image server,
  • Application server,
  • Communication module,
  • Management console,
    • Administration,
    • Load balancing,‚‚
    • Mirror user actions (for support purposes),‚‚
  • Deployment tools (installer, packager ...).