Giselle Farm Management

Giselle Farm Management is a web-based farm management system to assist farmers and land managers in achieving “best practice” agricultural outcomes.

It is used all over the agricultural industry to manage resources, increase yields, reduce input costs, predict outcomes, and more. The powerful analytical capabilities allow for the examination of farm conditions and monitor the effects of farm management practices, including crop yield estimates and soil amendment analyses. Giselle Farm Management can be also used to reduce farm input costs such as fertilizer, fuel, seed, labor, and transportation. In addition, farm managers can use the platform to automatically generate reports required by law.

Giselle Farm Management scheme

The system is built on desktop, server and mobile software to fulfil diverse project requirements. It includes several easy-to-use modules with localized user-interface.

Main features:

  • Managing daily farm activities
  • Property and lease management
  • Support for precision farming
  • Reporting and subsidies
  • Scheduling activities
  • Calendar view of used actions on all farms
  • Remote sensing based decision support
  • Generating reports for used materials
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