Sinergise is expanding - join us

Last year was a very successful year for our business. Years of investing in good relationships with our clients, partners and in solutions we have built for them, have paid off. We have won two big scale projects (land administration in Ghana and LPIS in Scotland). Our R&D part had quite a run as well. We have just started a large-scale H2020 project LandSense, within which we will be developing further Geopedia platform. Even more interesting, Sentinel Hub proved to be a success and seems to be developing in real business.To exploit these opportunities, we are looking for talented and creative people, skilled in various flavors of software development. In addition to expanding the development team, we would also like to find people who would help manage the company's brand on social media, assist with presentations and networking on conferences.

More specifically, we are looking for the following positions:

  • Software development
    • Data scientist / machine learning expert
    • Frontend developer (React, Angular) (several positions)
    • Java engineer - Sentinel Hub (several positions)
    • Experienced Java and/or PL/SQL engineer for enterprise systems (several positions)
    • Dev ops / system administrator
  • Graphic designer and UI/UX designer
  • Social media / marketing guru

Check details on this site.

In case you see yourself in any of these or you know someone, who would be interested, please apply or share.