Real estate mass valuation in Azerbajian

Aremav Public Viewer

In the beginning of December we have started a new project - Pilot project for Real estate mass valuation in Sumgait city, Azerbaijan - under State Committee on Property Issues of The Republic of Azerbaijan.

The project, lead by Sinergise, joins three partners:

  • Sinergise, bringing its IT solutions and expetise on mass valuation from Slovenia and Mauritius;
  • Datum, Azerbaijani company providing local valuation experience and GIS services;
  • EY Consulting, Greek company responsible for communication with public and quality assurance.

Project is planned to run for 6 months and will deliver:

  • Establishment of the system for collection of market data and the market data bank in the pilot area.
  • Preparation of zone value maps for mass valuation.
  • Formation of valuation models and rendering valuation.

We do believe this will be a beginning of a long-term cooperation between the partners and the client, bringing many valuable solutions to The Republic of Azerbaijan.