Becoming a Data Driver in the Cloud for Earth Observation

Crop maturity based on the multi-temporal processing (image by Pierre Markuse).

Sentinel Hub’s Roadmap for 2019

Sentinel Hub has been operating in production for more than two years, processing millions of requests every day. Many people see it as a tool to produce nice images, powering apps like EO Browser and filling a Twitter feed. In reality, though, it is much more. Sentinel Hub is a data driver to satellite images stored in a cloud, abstracting and generalizing a complexity of various formats, meta-data, processing chains, etc., and making the data available in a faster manner. In coming weeks we will be introducing a new API to make this process even more straightforward. Many new things will follow…

For the full overview we invite you to read the blog post by our CEO, Grega Milčinski, presenting Sentinel Hub's Roadmap for 2019, including a new API v.2.0, custom script v.2, support for your own data, data fusion and more.

Sentinel Hub’s mission is to empower our users — scientists, commercial providers or just EO enthusiasts — by offering industrial-grade, trustworthy, reliable, high-performance and versatile “data mart” on the shores of all “great lakes” of EO big data. The current volume of use and growing number of subscribers are hopefully telling us that we are going in the right direction. We are confident that the new features coming this year will push us even further towards our mission objectives.