Dev ops / system administrator  


Dev ops / system administrator

We need people experienced in setting up and maintaining infrastructure parts of IT systems. We have systems running on AWS processing couple of petabytes of data as well as one on T-Systems, one on OVH and one on Cloudferro, some on data centers of our clients and some in our own small private cloud.

Key qualifications:

  • deep system level understanding of Linux
  • basic skills in Java (Web Services, REST)
  • experience with java build tools: gradle, maven, gitlab CI, jenkins
  • experience with microservices architecture, service discovery (consul), Java web service deployment (on Java EAP or lightweight JEE servers)
  • extensive experience with cloud platforms (AWS, OpenStack, GCP, OTC, Azure), managing IaC using terraform
  • extensive experience with containerization and orchestration - docker, nomad,...
  • experience with source control management solutions: git, gitlab
  • experience with infrastructure monitoring solutions: prometheus, influxdb, grafana
  • experience with distributed logging systems: grafana loki, opensearch, ELK
  • passion for discovering problems and system improvement.

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