Real-estate market registry

Real-estate market is one of the biggest markets within specific region. Since the market is de-centralized, it is not easy to get an overview about the trends. We have created the application »Real-estate market registry« for that purpose. There are several groups who report about real-estate transactions – tax authority, notaries, real-estate agents and also buyers and customers themselves.

The registry can support many processes:

  • real-estate valuers can use the real data,
  • the public gets an overview about the prices in specific area,
  • creation of statistics of price trends,
  • source of information for creation of the computer aided mass appraisal,
  • in relation to CAMA one can compare the contract price with the evaluated price for each transaction (useful with transaction taxations).

The application contains three parts:

  • data entry (web client and web services),
  • public viewer,
  • data analysis and statistics.

Demonstration of a public viewer of real-estate market in Slovenia: