Sinergise has developed an innovative and powerful set of Java-based tools that cover all aspects of Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS). They can be deployed in client-server architecture, in an Internet-based system or even on a CD. We have combined these tools into an Internet-based system for editing the graphical and descriptive information on usage of agricultural land.

The application is being used on a daily basis by hundreds of users in Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia for EU farming subsidy applications monitored under IACS regulation.

LPIS brochure

Main characteristics:

  • data integrity
  • great performance of central system
  • ease of use
  • layer customizations
  • geometry editing (points, lines and polygons)
  • querying attributes and graphical data
  • recording of historical data
  • automatic attributon of classifications
  • unique identification of land parcel
  • statistical analysis and thematic mapping
  • import and export of data
  • secure internet access to claimants
  • identification of doubly-declared areas
  • additional features (3D view)
  • Print Template editor for managing printing sheets
  • validation of data on many points and also cross-checking with other spatial layers
  • quality assurance - Executive Test Suite (find out more here)
  • server administration tools for tracking end-users
  • migration tools
  • Config Manager for easy managing of configuration

Find out more about this in the video below.